Thursday, December 16, 2010

Testing for Christmas 2010: Trends?

A thoroughly fascinating book is available free to download from the Software Testing Club …

“Book” might be stretching it – but it's a collection of question responses from different testers around the world.

Being stuck here in New Zealand, it's interesting to note certain trends around the world. It's sometimes noted that New Zealand can feel a bit stuck on the end of the world, and we're almost the last ones to feel any change shifting in the big players.

It's a mixed blessing as it means of course we rode the recession out a little smoother as well.

But certainly I think most of the major themes picked up by other testers are being felt here.

To summarise the trends seen overall,
  • Fighting corporation mentality that “anyone can do testing” - just give them some scripts and point them at what needs testing. You don't need to be skilled or experienced (oh the horror).
  • With the economy picking up, it's harder to retain good staff, as they move to better positions elsewhere.
  • An increasing trend to use Agile in software projects.
  • More development of CLOUD solutions (and the challenge of testing them).
  • Increased use of automation tools

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