Saturday, October 13, 2012

No escaping me in October ...

There's no escaping me this October. After a few busy months, I have articles in no less than three testing magazines …

Is an article in Tea-Time With Testers about a feeling we'll all come across at some time. How do you deal with accusations you're not being a “proper tester” because “testers on my last project ...”.

Back in KWST2 we were talking about ethics, and I gave an experience report of growing up as a teenager and seeing one of the difficult ethical choices my father had to make, and how that affected me.

A look at how at a previous company we learned to scale naval products for the fishing industry by developing the persona of our end-user.

This is a brand new magazine NZ Tester, which Geoff Horne is putting together, and even if you're not from New Zealand I urge you to give this magazine your support.


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