Friday, March 8, 2013

An offer you can't refuse ...

I have been a little quiet on my blog this year - however I've been far from idle in 2013.

I've put a lot of work into writing and expanding my book The Elf Who Learned How To Test, which got very addictive writing for, and now includes 4 stories, and "the story behind the stories".  It has been an absolute blast writing something a little different, and I've really enjoyed reading the tales to my  teenage son Cameron.

Beyond that, I'm now looking forward to starting a new position in April at another company in Wellington, Datacom.  My role there will involve a lot more working with, leading and developing testers.  As you can tell from my blog, it's something I'm passionate about.

I have learned so much since coming to New Zealand.  My time at Test Consultancy Assurity taught me so much about championing testing and what testing does well.  At Kiwibank I have thrown in my lot with a fantastic group of people, where I've learned about testing's relationship with other departments and been lucky to not be a tester in a testing department, but a tester in a multi-discipline team, learning the aches, pains and victories of project managers, business analysts, market managers.

What's so exciting about the, is it feel like all my effort in writing the book The Software Minefield, I have laid down a baseline of ideas and approaches I'm hoping to find opportunity to tap into.  To celebrate this, I'm offering the book free until 1st April 2013.  All you have to do is click to buy the book, and provide the coupon code, "sZSRStQO6r6C", the book is then yours to enjoy free of charge.

Happy reading, and if you enjoy, please promote and even write a review!


  1. Thank you very much for releasing your book for FREE. It is very much appreciated and keep up the writing.

  2. Thanks for the Post and Your Book Free Offer.

    Will Read it and share the thoughts on it.

  3. Thanks for the offer - Look forward to having a read... :)

  4. Many congratulations on the new job!!

    Thanks for sharing the books with the world and it's indeed an offer which we can't refuse :)

  5. Glad to see people are taking up the offer - "read my pretties!". 8-)