Thursday, July 17, 2014

A new defect severity hierarchy ...

Defect severity - we know them, they're "critical", "high", "medium", "low" aren't they?

Well, just for fun, I had a new idea for that, which related the emotional impact much better - and it seems I touched a nerve, and a fair few people agreed on Twitter ...

This reply though encouraged me to play out the idea a little more ...

Sounds like a challenge!

Severity 1 – OMFG
Well, that’s not good. At all. Plus my insurance details are in the glovebox.

Severity 2 – WTF
Most of its there, but it won’t go.

Severity 3 – Uh?
We can kind of drive this, but it’s not as I’d expect

Severity 4 – Meh
Well, that’s annoying. Would love it to be repaired, but won’t stop me driving.


  1. Excellent! Have shared w/my team :-)

  2. Good stuff!

    I’ll add: I like to think of “Severity” (seriousness) as “absolute” and “Priority” (importance) as “relative”. That is…

    The Severity (seriousness) of car damage is absolute no matter who you ask. The car is either on fire, badly wrecked, not as expected, annoying, or just fine…regardless of perspective.

    But, the Priority (importance) of car damage is relative to who you ask . If *your* car is on fire, badly wrecked, not as expected, or annoying, I may not care (unimportant), but you might (very important).

    1. And of course, in an ideal world, it's all stuff we'd like to have fixed. Everyone likes their car to look nice and function well after all. But if you have limited funds and are sorting out a scratch when it needs a new exhaust ... ;-)

  3. Mind if I print this and put it on the wall at work?