Saturday, August 1, 2015

Windows 10 - playtime ...

My Windows 8 machine asked me if I wanted to update to Windows 10 today, I didn't hesitate.  Alas, as soon as I did, I remembered how I have a testing event in 2 days time, and I kind of want my machine to be fully working for it.

Ideally for most upgrades like this, you really want to wait a few weeks for it to be released and them to "work the kinks out".  But we're testers right?  Even if it's inconvenient, you just want to know, get in there and look and play.

I've seen a few complaints about Windows 10 and comparability on my friends updates on Facebook.  I was a bit baffled by that - because these are the same friends who tell me they buy Apple laptops because "Bill Gates".  [So how would they know?]

Maybe I'm just a product of the 90s, I still find FRIENDS pretty funny, and think listening to Blur is pretty hip.  But I think Windows is an amazing product overall, with the sheer spectrum of machines it will end up running on.  Recent changes for Windows 8 I found difficult at first, but then I really fell in love with it when I looked back.

Most of all, as a tester, I like to play around with something new.  And I could easily lose a whole weekend just trying things out.  So far I've found that my anti-virus software needed to be uninstalled and reinstalled (well, techinically the platform has just changed underneath it).  I'm also finding my Google Chrome crashed - and wondering if it'll happen again.  [Stand by not to be shocked, but upgrading to Windows 10 resets your browser preference to Microsoft IE ... I mean Edge.  Nice try guys, but ....]

I've also had a go with Cortana, particularly trying to see what it can do, and how good the voice recognition is on it.  This is me trying to say "Hal 9000" ...

Again, probably not surprising, but Cortana links to the Bing search engine.

At the end of the day, I think releases like this are an exciting opportunity to explore, and get a look at a new system.  In our work days, this is what we live for - to discover the good and the bad in a new piece of software.  And most of all to work through the problems.

Enjoy ...

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