Monday, November 2, 2015

Post 200 - looking back, and planning forward ...

My 200th blog post is quite an achievement, and a good time to read back especially through my recent posts.

I've always used anniversaries of blogging as a good excuse to hold a bit of a retrospective.  And like any good retrospective, you look back, and then you plan ahead.

What surprises me is how much I've found to talk about.  Originally this was going to a place to gather together some typical resources on testing I kept finding myself writing in one company, then having to recreate when I moved on.  I figured maybe 20 or 30 posts tops.

However, as the blog took shape, I found there were all kinds of aspects of work life I wanted to write about and reflect on.  Particularly I found writing to be a therapeutic activity to observe, dissect, and propose about common problems I'd find in the working life.  And not all those problems were strictly "testing problems".  But then perhaps that was not too surprising, write Jerry Weinberg has stated, "all software problems are people problems", and this blog in many ways has been as much about exploring "the human condition" as it applies to I.T.

It's certainly something I'm aiming to explore with the next series of posts I'm working on.  I managed to reach a personal milestone recently - my How To Test book has given a good, basic approach to applying testing ideas, and I've had a lot of positive feedback on it (as well as a few typos pointed out).

But some of what is to come really excites me - we're set in the next few posts to explore some pretty giant themes, and how they can apply to us as human beings, and to the world of testing.  In How To Test, I've introduced you to a box of tricks, and called it testing.

Going into 2016, I'm going to try and open the doors to that box, and like the Tardis, show you the whole world that goes on inside it.  If you've ever found yourself going, "well, it's just testing ...", buckle up and enjoy the journey ...

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