Monday, January 5, 2015

Back to work 2015 ...

For many of the companies I've worked with, which operate a compulsory closedown period over Christmas and New Year, today represents the first day back at work.

Returning to work after an extended break is a good indicator regarding how we feel about our work.  Of course any of us would choose holidays over work, but if there was a feeling of genuine dread at returning to work, it's a good sign that something is amiss.

For many, the core of that sensation could have several roots,

  • Feeling underpaid (which often goes hand in hand with feeling under-appreciated).
  • Having one of those co-workers who just pushes your buttons a lot.
  • Feeling you're not in control of your work.
Many will find the solution to this to look for another job, hoping especially that it will be better paid, with nicer people and they'll get more control of what they do.  However that's usually the step of last resort.  If we find we're moving jobs every time that we're a bit unhappy in our job, we'll find ourselves moving a heck of a lot (every few weeks).

But unhappiness is a sign that something needs to change.  With those points above, the common cause for those feelings is a feeling of not being respected.  The good news is though that you can be an agent of change, and also you are not alone.  

A quick scan of Twitter and relative testing blogs and magazines will expose you to many other testers experiences in these areas.  A quick Google of your problem can often lead to a lot of sites with advice - although of course, you always need to apply your critical judgement (you wouldn't be a tester if you apply advice blindly).

Whatever the challenges for you ahead, I hope there is a blog post here that can be of help.

Happy New Year!