Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Rugby World Cup – learning to celebrate

The end of an amazing road for New Zealand – hosting the 2011 Rugby World Cup and of course also winning it.

Behind the Rugby World Cup has been an army of volunteers who've given up their time for something they had passion for.  I was among them.

A year ago in September 2010 they asked for volunteers, and I put my name into the ring.  Expecting something glamourous like marshalling at the odd free game, or meeting a celebrity.

In actual fact my volunteering meant I had an office job, working with IT creating photo passes.  As it would turn out, a portion of this has been my actual day job.  So not really glamourous.

But is that a surprise?  When work needs to be done, it needs to be done.  Sometimes it's unglamourous, sometimes dull, sometimes tiring.  But it needs to be done.

The best part after the win by the All Blacks was the victory parade in Wellington.  As volunteers, we got to wear our uniform and walk behind our team through the streets.  It was an amazing experience.

Oddly enough we've been reflecting at work about projects, and how we end the.  Invariably projects complete a little later than liked, and we scurry from one to the next.  We lose our ability to celebrate success in any form.

All told my volunteer work for the World Cup added up to about 7 days.  And yet we walked through the streets with a bit of fanfare, we got a mention of thanks from the Prime Minister himself.

And yet I put many more hours and effort into my work and projects.  But do we find the time to have our own celebration?  Perhaps it's time we did.

[Look very carefully and you'll see yours truly in the volunteer army behind]

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