Thursday, November 10, 2011

Why is it so important to be able to socialise after work?

We had a great night last week after work. A departmental meal and karaoke night had been organised for the Friday.  Everyone talked with each other, and often with someone new during the meal. We enjoyed a few drinks, and we got really into the spirit of things becoming quite competitive on the microphone.

It's important to like the people you work with (although I'm usually better friends with people outside of work). But it's important to do these events once in a while because there's an important though subliminal message within these things as long as it's all fun and games.

The office is a place of tension. Project managers want one thing, business owners another, testers and developers something even more different. I discussed a little about office tensions in the Kobayashi Maru ofOffice Relationships – I've worked many different projects in 15 years in the IT business, and it's a similar story everywhere.

But in a social environment, when you get on and even have fun with others, there's an important thing you come away with. No matter what the strains of the 9-til-5, you can get on with each other. Yes it's going to be tense at times and sometimes emotional. But it's nothing personal.  And that's something important to come away with.

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